The Frogman


Gab and Hayllyn had to head back to Florida, but it was fantastic to see them. I took lots of photos. We had a late Christmas and I gave Gab some Spocks. They even have little ears that stick out.

I will admit that Otis was a bit of a butthead. He doesn’t see new people very often and his excitement was a bit much at times. He was trying very hard to impress them. Eventually he got used to having them around and started being the sweetie pie he normally is. 

Gab and I did a top secret photoshoot that I think turned out pretty awesome. I still have a lot of editing to do, but I’ll be posting that soon. 

After they left, Otis searched the whole house looking for them. I think we both miss them already. But he was so tired from bugging them constantly that he fell asleep for about a day and a half.

Impressing the ladies is a lot of work for a corgi.  

I love my friends very much and I’m grateful whenever I have a chance to spend time with them. I know I was very tired and not feeling well, but even though I was a bit quiet, they made me feel very comfortable and for a couple of days I didn’t feel lonely. I can thank them enough for that. And for touching my beard and stuff. 

9 months ago

January 3, 2014
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