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I have an energy saving motto. If it can be done sitting, sit down. If it can be done lying, lie down. Therefore I eat a lot of my meals from bed. Dinner time has become a bit of a ritual between myself and Otis. He will smell the food and come barreling down the steps. He races ahead of me to the bed and jumps onto it. He sees me enter and he gets very excited. I lie down with my food and he always sees this as an opening to try and snatch something. I fend him off with a cold soda can and he retreats to the other end of the bed. 

I set up a barrier with my wireless keyboard. He knows not to cross it. So he lies down behind it and stares at me with the saddest of puppy dog eyes. I have to turn my keyboard upside down because he always puts his head on it. He tends to drool when anticipating food and I have learned that dog drool is not good to have in between the keys. 

If appropriate, I will sometimes give him bits of my food. I can only take so much of his sad puppy eyeballs. I will get near the end of my meal and he can see that my food is almost gone. He stands up on his little stumps behind the keyboard and does a little dance. Shuffling his front paws up and down. I eat the last bite, remove the keyboard barrier and then he lunges forward. 

My dish has now entered the corgi pre-rinse cycle. 

He buries his nose into the container licking every bit of mac & cheese remnants he can find. Tilting his snout in every possible angle to make sure he can lick every surface. And when every scrap has been lapped up by his formidable tongue, I have a dish that looks cleaner than when I started. 

1 year ago

July 3, 2013
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