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Tumblr tip for webcomic artists!

I am looking directly at those who create and post webcomics on tumblr.

Deep into your eyes. 

A great comic can lose its chance at being popular if it is presented poorly. When creating your comics, always assume that no one will click to enlarge your images. You must present your comic so it is clearly viewed on the dashboard. You can make it high resolution, but be sure that the text is easily read and the detail in the images is not lost at 500 pixels wide.

Instead of orienting your comic horizontally, do it vertically. If you exceed more than 2 panels, make another image and create a photoset. With the new photoset system, you can stack up to ten images vertically. Just drag the images until you have a horizontal blue line to stack them. Owlturd is a great example of how to properly present your comics. It is easily consumed without any enlargement. 

Making sure your comic is easily visible at 500 pixels wide will ensure that you get the maximum amount of notes and reblogs possible. Always save your comics as a draft and inspect it before you publish. If anything looks hard to make out, adjust it. If you post your comic on another site first and it is horizontally oriented, consider splicing up the panels and creating a vertical version for tumblr.

I am seeing way too many comics that are 4 panels wide and the text is so tiny it cannot be made out without enlargement. Many people will scroll right on by and never look at your comic. Please don’t make this mistake. I want all artists on tumblr to get the attention they deserve. 

1 year ago

May 17, 2013
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