The Frogman


Now unveiling a brand new piece of official Frogman merchandise…


You can now preorder the Super Otis shirt over at DFTBA Records. Artist Chris Gugliotti and I have been working with John Green and DFTBA to turn my corgi companion into a torso-covering wearable garment. If you wear it, people will like you more and you will be given the power of flight. 

It’s important that you all preorder like 7 of these. If these don’t sell well I’m pretty sure John Green will banish me from the internet. I’m almost positive he can do that. On the other hand, if they do sell well, that might mean bear hats could become available in the future.

PREORDER SUPER OTIS NOW! (shirts will ship in early April)

1 year ago

March 18, 2013
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