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There is also the fact that the mods of r/funny consider me a self promoting spammer. A while back I started submitting my own stuff. I only did it because my work kept getting rehosted on imgur. I thought maybe I could submit it before that happened. I did this maybe once a week. They banned my website permanently. Now no one can submit it. 

They tell me I’m not allowed to make money off of reddit. Yet they are perfectly fine with imgur receiving ad revenue for content that I created. I told them that I would never submit anything ever again. I just wanted my site to be eligible in case a redditor saw something they’d like to submit. They told me to stop whining. 

I found The Frogman via Reddit, from a thing he did that was rehosted on Imgur without attribution. The only reason I found him was because another person who reads my Tumblr told me he’d done it, and I edited my post to give him credit.

I don’t know what the mods in r/funny have to deal with (I suspect it’s a ton of crap and spam, if my experience when I worked for Netscape is any indication), but there has to be a way to identify actual, creative people like The Frogman who make awesome things that are worth sharing, and shitbags who just spam sites like Reddit to get pageviews.

Hey new best friend, Wil Wheaton! I was away yesterday and didn’t have chance to thank you for your support. I think the r/funny mods have made up their minds about me. I don’t have the credibility of xkcd or The Oatmeal, so they won’t change their impression of me. But who cares… Wil Wheaton likes me!

2 years ago

August 31, 2012
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