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Anonymous writes...
Why do you like reddit? I tried it, but the community was absolutely horrible.

I’m not sure I do like reddit. I’m not sure I don’t like it either.

It’s a bit like kissing a pretty girl and then she knees you in the bean bags.

I see them do great things like help a mentally disabled man restore his stolen Superman collection. And then I’ve seen them post a photo of a fat person and mercilessly make fun of them. I think my favorite comment in that thread was “let the fatties die.”

I’ve seen them send a terminally ill man with Down syndrome thousands of letters and packages. They made his last days memorable. It was amazing and heart warming. But I’ve also had many of my posts end up there. Most of the comments are lovely, but then there are also 30 jerks who wish to tell me I am an unfunny fat neckbeard. And they usually aren’t that nice about it. It’s not hard to take the occasional troll and brush it off, but 30 in a row is a challenge.

There is also the fact that the mods of r/funny consider me a self promoting spammer. A while back I started submitting my own stuff. I only did it because my work kept getting rehosted on imgur. I thought maybe I could submit it before that happened. I did this maybe once a week. They banned my website permanently. Now no one can submit it. 

They tell me I’m not allowed to make money off of reddit. Yet they are perfectly fine with imgur receiving ad revenue for content that I created. I told them that I would never submit anything ever again. I just wanted my site to be eligible in case a redditor saw something they’d like to submit. They told me to stop whining. 

I have so many terrific fans and followers that found me through reddit. It’s hard not to be grateful for that. But sometimes the jerk quotient is too high and I just stay away. 

2 years ago

August 29, 2012
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