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An Earth Day Rant

There are a great many people who believe that global warming is a massive hoax. They believe climate change is junk science. I’ve had discussions with a few of these people and there seems to be no way to change their mind. They say, “this needs more study.”

So scientists gather another pile of evidence. They study ecosystems, weather patterns, droughts, floods, glaciers. They study every inch of the globe and come back with charts and graphs and powerpoints showing just how real this is.

"Those scientists aren’t credible! I saw their emails!" 

Some of our greatest scientific minds have looked at the data and are convinced that climate change is very real. Stephen Hawking said it was the greatest threat that man faces in the modern age. 

"Well, this weather man from Pennsylvania says it’s just El Nino and volcanoes burping. Nothing to worry about."

Stephen Hawking > your fuckin’ weather dude.

"Look at all this snow we just got!"

"Well, we didn’t do it. It’s not our fault. Greenhouse gases do not cause global warming."

It doesn’t seem to matter that greenhouse gases make the planet Venus a balmy 900 degrees. It is much further away from the Sun than Mercury and it is significantly hotter. The CO2 traps in the heat so well that the temperature barely dips during the night. On Venus you can cook a pizza in 9 seconds. If the CO2 in Venus’ atmosphere can warm the planet that much, why is it not reasonable to assume an increase in CO2 on Earth would cause a warming effect as well?

But you can’t convince them. I get exhausted even attempting it. They hate Al Gore, so it doesn’t exist. I’m not fond of Al Gore either. That doesn’t mean he’s completely full of shit. 

So I say forget global warming. Let’s talk about something that cannot be disputed. 

Air pollution causes 2.4 million deaths every year. You can see the smog for yourself. How can you possibly believe that is okay to breathe? Air pollution cause more deaths than terrorists, more deaths than car accidents, more deaths than vending machines. China loses 650,000 people per year and that number is growing steadily. 

The fun part is… all of the solutions proposed to stop global warming are pretty much the same as the solutions for air pollution. 

So if you don’t want to believe in climate change or global warming… fine.

I don’t care anymore.

But I don’t think you can find a way to deny air pollution. If you do try to deny it, all I ask is that you head on over to downtown Bejing, take a deep breath… and go fuck yourself. 

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