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The Frogman’s New Thing 2/21/12

This is probably something I will not stick with, but I’d like to give it a try. 

For many years now, I have had a very strict rule for myself. Everyday I must learn at least one new thing. This can be just a simple interesting fact, or it could be the foundations of photography. I thought it might be cool to share with you the new thing I learn each day. 

Today’s New Thing: For over 60 years, there was a planet named George. 

Way back in 1781, a British astronomer named William Herschel observed something strange as he was perusing the cosmos with his self made telescope. He thought it was a comet, but was confused because it lacked a tail. As he shared his discovery with the scientific community, they all began to suspect that he had actually found a planet. He was asked to name the planet. Traditionally, the name of a planet was a Roman god or goddess.

William went a different way.

He decided to honor his monarchy and named it after King George III. He called it Georgium Sidus or George’s Star. Sometimes “The Georgian Planet.” For all intents and purposes… he named a planet George. 

Unfortunately, the name didn’t go over so well outside of Britain. Many still desired the planet be named following the tradition of Roman gods. Around 1850 the scientific community rejected Planet George and instead called it Uranus. 

Personally, I think that sucks. First, they knew what an anus was back then. How could they not see all of the horrible jokes to come after?

Second, the guy discovered it… he should get to name it what he wants.

I was given the opportunity to name a star. I called it Mr. Pants. I’ll be damned if some scientific committee tries to change its name. 

I think it is bullshit that they changed the name he chose, so I have decided from now on I will refer to Uranus as George. Anytime someone says Uranus I am going to say, “Oh, you mean George?” 

Who’s with me?

2 years ago

February 21, 2012
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