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vulpix420 writes...
Mate, it says you speak all those variations of English, and sure English is pretty universal. But do you /really/ known /all/ of the region-specific slang and vocabulary associated with each country? If I was to call you a bogan and ask for a schooner of little creatures, would you know what I was talking about? Surely you're taking the piss.

You doubt me? Put another shrimp on ye olde barbie while riding the lift and recycling aluminium. Then we can watch moose porn, eh?

If girls wear trousers without pants, does that make their fanny itch?

And don’t call me a bogan you scalawag!




Fuckin’ banana benders got a good rugby team this year. 




*puts on powdered wig* I rest my case.


2 years ago

January 20, 2012
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